on December 22, Cloak & Dagger is proud to present sculpt, a film by lORIS greaud. the night will include scheduled and ticketed screenings of the film in a dedicated room, while the main dance floor is transformed into an immersive Sculpt experience. a midnight ritual based on key scenes from the film will be presented by the nightclub’s in-house sorcerers.  The date, December 22, the night after the Winter Solstice, was chosen because Sculpt addresses the concepts of light and darkness, and the idea of the return of the light and illumination are pivotal to the film. unlike other nights, the public will be allowed to enter cloak and dagger. Submitting your email below will put you on the list for entry into the club on the 22nd. This submission does not include a ticket for a screening but it does enter you into a lottery for the public screening tickets. If selected for a screening you will be notified by the 22nd with the time of your screening and details for admission. you must wear all black. 

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